Ash Harris

On the Season Two finale, Liv chats with Detroit based, UK native singer-songwriter, Ash Harris (Acoustic Ash). Ash's shares their ideas about making ...View Details

Liv sits down with singer-songwriter, producer, editor and multi-instrumentalist, Bernadette Malavarca (Bern & The Brights) to chat about authenti...View Details

Shawnee Kish

On this week's episode, Liv chats with Edmonton, Canada based indigenous activist and singer-songwriter, Shawnee Kish. Shawnee opens up about the chal...View Details


This week, Liv sits down with singer-songwriter and one-woman band, Alyse Vellturo, who performs under the moniker "pronoun." Alyse's indie-synth-pop ...View Details

C. Quintana

Take a stroll down memory lane with playwright and writer C. Quintana (CQ) as she and Liv chat about their time spent in Santa Fe while learning more ...View Details

Dr. LaNail R. Plummer

Kicking off Pride mMonth, our episode this week features the brilliant and badass, Dr. LaNail R. Plummer. Based out of Washington D.C., Dr. Plummer's ...View Details

Sammie Downing

Sammie Downing is an author and poet based out of Denver, Colorado. This week's episode explores Sammie's ideas of living authentically through her pl...View Details

Season Two kicks off with our guest Rudy, who is the host of the popular TikTok page, Rainbow History Class based out of Melbourne, Australia. Liv and...View Details

Evan Mills

On the Season 1 finale, Liv sits down with Chicago-based actor, musician, and lyricist Evan Mills to chat about all the pop songs that helped Evan gro...View Details

Emily Hurd

Liv sits down with Emily Hurd, a singer-songwriter, musician and restauranteur from Rockford, Illinois. On this week's episode, Liv and Emily discuss ...View Details

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